Lum PTA Happenings 5/7/2017

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PTA Happenings for 5/7/2017


  • Tuesday May 9:  Teacher & Staff Appreciation Potluck Lunch
  • Tuesday May 9:  Dine & Donate at Mod Pizza
  • Thursday May 11:  Bike to School Day

Lum District Advisory Committee: Stay up-to-date on the latest developments at Sign-up to receive email updates and to volunteer.  Everyone is encouraged to attend the Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, May 9, 6:30 pm at City Hall.  

DINE AND DONATE AT MOD PIZZA:  No need to cook on Tuesday May 9 — Mod Pizza is generously hosting our final Dine & Donate of the year.  Present your flyer when ordering and a portion of your purchase will be donated to Lum PTA.  Mod Pizza is located at 2308 Souths Shore Center in Alameda.

SCIENCE FAIR: Congratulations to all the Lum Scientists! The winners of the scavenger hunt were Mateo Martinez Lawrence, Mateus Jacques Penner, John Fisher-Mack, Charlotte Hange, Jayce Tuazon, Evelyn Otieku, Talena Dinh, Gaius Mann, Tad Wagner, Isaiah Mendoza, Abigail Hange, Emily Gallagher, Simon Tisdale, Kiely Wong, Shion Koga-Dean, Oliver Binder, Christian Song, and Jordan-Trevor Tullis!

Science Fair medalists:

Grade Student Medal Project
Kindergarten (K) Enzo Magabo First Place Lava Lamp
Kindergarten (K) Talena Dinh Second Place Liquids and Density
Kindergarten (K) Andrew Pua Second Place Does a peeled orange ctutie float better than an unpeeled cutie in tap water, salt water and soda?
Kindergarten (K) Ean Tahil Third Place Age of the Dinosaurs
Kindergarten (K) Hana Kaci Honorable Mention Where did the Lolipop go?
Kindergarten (K) Ananya Kumar Honorable Mention Components of Blood
Kindergarten (K) Harrison Dulay Light of Science Award How Do You Clean A Penny?
First Grade (1) Ricky De Leon First Place Rocks Soil Sand
First Grade (1) Advaith Sathyanand Second Place Do-Re-Mi with Straws
First Grade (1) Jacob Lee Second Place Rocket Launch
First Grade (1) Sebastian Ekman Third Place Which food will mold the fastest?
First Grade (1) Dawit Chong Third Place How does a wind-propelled car’s shape affect its speed?
First Grade (1) Ali Hedhli Honorable Mention Rainforests: Where do Cheetahs and Snakes and Liards Live?
Second Grade (2) Simon Tisdale First Place How does the surface a ball is dropped on affect how high it bounces?
Second Grade (2) Abby Hange Second Place How is a Snake’s Body Different from a Human’s
Second Grade (2) Isabella Lama Third Place Mixed Matched Names
Second Grade (2) Casey Gilmore Third Place Eggs-periment
Second Grade (2) Emily Gallagher Honorable Mention Hummingbirds
Third Grade (3) Clive Edwards First Place Potato Launch
Third Grade (3) Shion Koga-Dean & Casey Koga-Dean Second Place Is Pricier Better?
Third Grade (3) Mateo Martinez Lawrence Second Place Milk: It Does Emulsion Good
Third Grade (3) Kiely Wong Second Place Which Dough is Money?
Third Grade (3) Niranjana Kumar Third Place Magical Kaleidoscope
Third Grade (3) Sam Ochsner-Hembrow Third Place Does a Meyer Lemon or a Sweet Potato Power  Clock the Longest?
Third Grade (3) Wynton Scott Honorable Mention How can I make a toy car do a loop on a track?
Third Grade (3) Milo Hartlaub Honorable Mention Will it Float or Sink?
Third Grade (3) Tad Wagner & Jayce Tuazon Light of Science Award What the Hex?
Fourth Grade (4) Elijah Hallmeyer First Place Attenuation Photos
Fourth Grade (4) Jordan-Trevor Tullis Second Place Go Cart?
Fourth Grade (4) Ava Thomson Third Place Ice on Fire
Fourth Grade (4) Elinor Stoufer Third place The Chip Bag Boat
Fourth Grade (4) Christian Song Honorable Mention Long live Roses!!!
Fifth Grade (5) Jacob Wong First Place Don’t Break the Tension?
Fifth Grade (5) Miko Wagner & Ani Avanesyan Second Place Do All Liquids Evaporate at the Same Rate?
Fifth Grade (5) Gaius Mann & Zeke Scott Third Place Effect of Exercise and Baord Games on Short Term Memory
Fifth Grade (5) Gannon Brockman Honorable Mention What is Oobleck?

SPRING FLING CARNIVAL & RAFFLE:  What a fantastic day at Lum! Thank you to all the families and staff and volunteers who helped make our 3rd annual Spring Fling a huge success. Not only did we raise money for Lum, but we showed that fantastic Lum spirit. Fun games, tasty food, soaked staff, terrific entertainment – it was a blast!!

FIRE UP YOUR FEET:  Only 1 more week til the Spring Challenge ends! Fire Up Your Feet is a great national program that encourages families to maintain healthy lifestyles with physical activity.  From April 15-May 15, all Lum students, staff, and their families (parents, grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles) can register ANY and ALL physical activity at, and Lum will be in the running for a $5,000 award!!  In the past year, Lum was awarded nearly $3000 through this program!  Think of all the possiblities–walking/biking to and from school, exercise classes, the gym, afterschool activities for the kids, sports teams, and so much more!  Email for more info. Volunteers will be tracking our students’ activity during school hours (recess, PE, etc) but all activity outside of school can be tracked by YOU!

TEACHER & STAFF APPRECIATION MONTH:  May is Teacher and Staff Appreciation Month at Lum! It is a great opportunity to show the teachers and staff our appreciation for all their hard work and devotion to our children.  Staff expressed much thanks for last week’s beautiful flowers.  This week families will be showing their appreciation with a potluck lunch for the staff on Tuesday.

  • TUESDAY 5/9: (all grades*) Potluck lunch for the staff! If you would like to bring a main/side/drinks, please sign up at the office or email
  • TUESDAY-WEDNESDAY 5/16-5/17: (1st, 3RD& 5rd Grade) Appetizers, salads, fruits or Vegetables. Please bring some fabulous fruit/vegetables, or maybe a salad of some sort for the teachers.
  • TUESDAY-WEDNESDAY 5/23-5/24: (TK, Kindergarten, 2nd& 4th Grade) Baked goods or something sweet. Cookies, cakes, candies, chocolates.

BIKE TO SCHOOL & WORK DAY: Let’s celebrate at Lum this week!  Biking to school helps our environment, decreases traffic, and improves our physical health and emotional well-being. On Thursday May 11, ride your bike to school for goodies, refreshments, and dancing fun 8-8:20 am on the yard. See you in the bike lane!

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