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Our fundraising efforts allow the PTA to offer much-needed financial support at Lum and to sponsor a variety of educational, creative and fun programs for our children.  Last year, PTA raised nearly $50,000 to support Lum students and staff!  Due to our great fundraising success in the past 3 years, PTA has supported Lum in updating its technology for staff and students, purchased additional classroom supplies and materials to support Core Curriculum, funded new social skills groups for students, and sponsored a new lunch recess program to support safe, structured activities for our students.

Our fundraising goal for the 2016-2017 school year is $46,000 to pay for the numerous programs and events sponsored by PTA.   Through the following fundraising efforts, we hope to “feed the bear” and achieve our goal.  We need your help! Direct Fundraising Events:

3rd-Party Donation Programs:


Your PTA $ at work in 2015-2016:

Field Trips $14,000
Social Skills Groups $13,000
Teacher Support $9,300
Family Programs $3,200
Assemblies $2,200
Library & Media Center $2,000