Room Parents

Become a Room Parent!  Support your child’s classroom by communicating info to parents on behalf of the teacher and share school and PTA news.  If you are interested in becoming a room parent, speak with your child’s teacher and contact the Room Parent Coordinator.

The PTA coordinates to have a Room Parent for each classroom. This parent will be the liaison between PTA, the teachers and the parents. The Room Parent is not required to complete all tasks, but is responsible for coordinating the efforts to have other parents help out. The Room Parent’s job will be to help build friendly relations among the parents in that classroom, work with the classroom teacher if requested by the teacher, encourage teachers and parents to work together to improve communications, and promote the work of the PTA within the school.

Another task of the Room Parent is to encourage members to participate with school and PTA activities through an e-mail tree. The goal of a Room Parent is to be enthusiastic, and demonstrate to parents and teachers that PTA involvement creates excitement and a sense of accomplishment for everyone.